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An O.K. start 22/01.02
Our first official match is over and I'd say it was a moderate success, a 1-1 tie in games with an overall frag victory going to Germany. The first game was played in Germany and the game ended 652-431 to them, the second game was played on BarrysWorld and ended 603-490 to us - final score 1034-1142, thus giving the Germans an overall frag victory of 108. There was some argument & discussion after game two about a third match, however that was a misunderstanding and I had only agreed to 2 games in the first place.

Teamplay wise, I was pleased how we performed for a first game and considering our opposition, hopefully we will be able to analyse the demos/results and improve in time for our next match (perhaps Germany again, Holland or Finland (!)).

Full details including demos can be found in the Matches section (or click on the quick link to your right).

Special note of thanks to Clarkus for running a spec cam and Sheep for fixing the server.
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Sunday 8PM 17/01.02
It's been a while coming, but our first "official" match has been scheduled for Sunday 20th January at 20:00 GMT versus the old enemy (and our new European daddies), Germany! This match is a practice for the upcoming European Cup and will take the form of two 30 minute games, deathmatch 1/teamplay 2/powerups on and MQWCL will be allowed.

This will be a very tough test for our first match and my feeling is that a combination of the luck of the English when historicially facing Germany and their recent performances in beating Hungary and Holland will make things very difficult for us - however, anything can happen! (see: 5-1)

It's unlikely there will be official spectator cams for these games, however it's more than likely one of the few allowed spectators will be routing through a BarrysWorld Qizmo, so check them out on the night. MVDs should be published along with match results on the Monday or Tuesday so keep an eye out.
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The Dirty Dozen 01/01.02
First of all, Happy New Year!

A new year and after much fragging, spectating and voting, a new team. Yes that's right folks, we have our 12 players and they are (in alphabetical order):

  - blitz-
  - caustic
  - chad
  - dynamic
  - gibbs
  - m0rph
  - nih
  - rabid
  - r
  - tezz

  - kryten (sub)
  - telly (sub)

Full player details can be found in the Squad section.

This team was selected by the Commitee via each member voting for their top 10 players based upon history, performance in trials and other factors. It was a close run thing with many players missing out by 1 or 2 votes, however I believe that at the end of the day the best team available was chosen (I'm sure many of you reading this will disagree). For those that are interested you can find the .mvd demos of all the trial games here (remember you need MQWCL or QW Extended to view them).

A big thanks to everyone who attented the trials for their time and patience, luckily everything went smoothly due to the work put in behind the scenes by people like oppy, rocker & r.

Hopefully the team will be able to get practising ASAP with a view to some official games in late January, early February - I hope to see you all again then.
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